Touring logistics provided:

  • Coordinating all tour budgeting, accounting & invoicing.

  • Dealing with promoters and reps, from full advances to final show settlement.

  • Full tour advancing including compiling daily itineraries for a tour book.

  • Full tour advancing including compiling and sending production riders.

  • Full tour advancing including compiling and sending hospitality riders.

  • Manufacturing spiral bound tour books.

  • Manufacturing laminated tour passes.

  • Coordinating the hire of sound, lighting, stage set and pyrotechnics for indoor and out door shows.

  • Coordinating all touring technical logistics including backline hire.

  • Coordinating all artist merchandise.

  • Coordinating all transport logistics including flights, sleeper coaches, trucks, ferries, vans, minibuses, limos & taxis.

  • Coordinating international shipping, carnets, border crossings and artist and crew work visas.

  • Coordinating artist and crew accommodation in hotels & serviced apartments.

  • Coordinating daily artist promotional schedules.

  • Coordinating daily hospitality for international touring artists.

  • Coordinating recruitment and running an international touring crew.

If you need all or any of these services then please email me.